Friday, February 11, 2011

tonight's penguins game

Tonights game was an embarrassment to the sport. The islanders are a joke of a team, and the officials lost all control they barely had. 300+ combined penalty minutes. 2 Players on the pens' bench at the end. What a mess.

Monday, February 7, 2011

worst. day. for. sports. ever.

A few weeks ago i had a post regarding an awesome weekend in which all of my favorite sports teams won. AS Roma, Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers. Well if that series was perfection yesterday was the exact opposite.

It began with the penguins versus the capitals. This would be the precursor to the other two games sunday. TERRIBLE OFFICIATING. Every sports fan encounters it once in a while, but honestly the NHL has the absolute worst refs. To make matters worse, they all seem to hate the penguins. Regardless, the refs arent the reason the pens lost, nor was not having sid or geno. They played like shit and no one had any motivation. Yuck.

AS Roma played reigning champions of everything, inter milan. vomit. They never had a lead, they played some really good soccer, but once again, terrible officiating left roma with 10 men. final score 3-5 inter. Note: this was one of the very few serie a games i was able to see this year, and for it to be my favorite team, i was extremely disappointed. They dont broadcast every match in the US so when i saw it would be broadcast immediately after the pens game and before the super bowl. Well i was excited

Finally, the super bowl. Fuck. Pass interference. Call it.

Yesterday sucked.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Job Interview

I have been in contact with an individual named Brandon Barber. Brandon seems to be one of those 'pay it forward' type people who is very generous and has been helping me out trying to find a job in which i can hone my skills. After all, what good is 5 years for a degree if you cant use it. Brandon turned me on to a place called Davison Design. I sent them my resume and have an interview on Monday. This will mark the first "job interview" i will have to participate in since graduating college. The real world is about to hit me full force. Whether it is with acceptance (fingers crossed) or declining, this interview will welcome me to adulthood on the job front. Im told there is never a perfect interview and more times than not, they dont go the way you want them to. Ive been getting ahead of myself with this whole situation, as i always tend to do. I welcome the whole situation into my life, and man, do i hope i get this job. A change of scenery would be awesome. Wish me luck.

Edit: Interview was changed to Wednesday. Keep the positive energy coming my way.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a weekend of awesome sports

This weekend really was awesome for sports. Personally at least. First and foremost, i am a Pittsburgh guy. Ever since i can remember taking an interest in professional sports, i remember being a fan of Pittsburgh teams. In central PA you are either a Pgh fan or Philly fan. Being brought up in a household of die hard pittsburgh fans set my path for me. We would watch them all, even the pirates (believe it or not, they at one time, didnt suck miserably). I guess that is a brief background of why the teams i love are the teams i love. So the purpose of this post is indeed to brag about how great of a weekend it was for my favorite sports teams, because in all honesty, these moments are few and far between.

Lets start with the Penguins (vs Carolina 1/22/11):
As you are all familiar, i am a die hard pens fan. Without Sid or Geno we all knew this game was going to be tough, in fact im sure there were a ton of people out there who didnt watch for that exact reason. I love Crosby. Geno is the man. But the heart of the team are in the players that have roles. Not in the spotlight like the superstars, but people like Craig Adams in the penalty kill, and Matt Cooke agitating. One of my top favorite penguins is former WBS Penguin Mark Letestu. He had a goal in this game, as well as our most recent call-up Dustin Jeffrey. Duper netted a short handed goal and in the end the pens defeated the hurricanes 3-2.

AS Roma (vs Cagliari 1/22/11):
Working Lunch shifts is okay on days that the penguins play. At least i know i will be home in time to catch the game. What bummed me out about working a lunch shift this saturday was knowing i would miss the AS Roma match, which is a rare US broadcast on the fox soccer channel. I tried to go all day/night without finding out the score, but crumbled almost immediately after i got home. I was able to catch the highlights and read some articles on the game, and from what i gathered, it seemed like an awesome game, including a goal from my favorite player; Francesco Totti. If only it were as easy to be a soccer fan in america (especially one of an Italian Serie A team) as it is to be a football or hockey fan, my social life would be in real jeopardy. In the end, Roma managed a 3-0 victory over Cagliari and for saturday my teams were up 2-0.

Pittsburgh Steelers (vs NY Jets 1/23/11):
This was the AFC Championship game to determine Super Bowl contenders vs the Green Bay Packers. Work dragged on anticipating this game, and in true Covino family fashion we had a steelers party. The game couldnt have started better, and it needed to. As i mentioned to Scott, the Steelers had played this game in an almost identical way to the penguins on saturday. They went up big, early. They had to. Steelers were up 21-3 going into the half. Those would be the last points they scored but it was enough to hold on for the win. Turned out to be more of a nailbiter than i wanted but we flipped out when the final first down was earned. Super bowl XLV here we come!

A few notes:

I hate people that live update about the game on facebook. I wish there was a filter for that stuff. If people care about the game, they are probably watching it, so dont post about it on your status for 3 hours. Watch the damn game

If i have to work during the super bowl i am either calling off or quitting.

The NHL all star game is coming up. I really love the format, but wish sid and geno were healthy enough to participate.

Guillotines play wednesday. If we had a rival it would be the Ice Ninjas. Toughest games are against them, they always bring their 'a' game. Love them off the ice, love to play them on the ice. Expect a tough one

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guillotines vs Avalanche 1/14/11

Keeping these updates brief because, as i said, Jae runs a blog dedicated to game recaps and things of that nature. Anyway i just wanted to touch base and give a quick synopsis of what i took away from our recent matchup vs the Avalanche.

This game started sloppy. When i say sloppy i mean that i dont understand how we didnt end the first period down 5 goals. All the rudimentary hockey sense we showed such promise in at our last game vs the Goon Padres was apparently thrown out the window. I can see this being a problem as we progress through the season unless our guys can find some time to work on the basics off the ice. Its winter for god's sake, go find a pond! Anyway, as i was saying we kicked this game of with some decent zone time but few shots on goal and terrible passes. Scott kept us alive in this one long enough for us to kick ourselves into gear and get to our game. Tyler Rabold began the scoring in this one, and goals were later tallied by Jared Pufka, Myself and Brandon Grimes. We managed to hang on to the shut out for Scotty but with the chances we created we should have had more than a 4-0 score to show for it. As i said countless times in the game, this goalie had the longest legs i had faced to date, so his lateral movement was impeccable and for such long legs he had his five hole sealed. Hopefully for our next outing vs the Ice Ninjas we can convert our scoring chances into goals and get to our game quicker.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

DirecTV = Satans Dick

I couldnt be more furious right now. I was scheduled a lunch shift today, which means i would be done by 4:00, 5:00 at the latest. The penguins play at 1 so i gave away my shift for a dinner shift. Sure i would have loved to see the steelers play, but I wanted to watch the penguins today. I wake up to watch the game and i switch on my tv, to see a little box in the bottom corner "searching for satellite signal". An hour later and its still searching. Ive switched inputs, ive switched connections, ive switched cards, ive even switched power supplies, and the god damn thing is still searching for satellite signal. I have had to watch the game streaming online with Bruins announcers (who might I add are god awful). DirecTv is a piece of shit television company that has no benefits unless you make 6 figures. Im done and I urge everyone who is considering switching to DirecTv; Dont.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

i love this so much

So far this sums up one of my favorite moments of 2011 so far. Totally awesome!